12 Content Topics Your Business Could be Writing About This May

Newsjacking always has been and always will be the kind of subject that splits PR and marketing types right down the middle.

The simple fact of the matter is that more businesses than ever before are looking to leap on the content marketing bandwagon these days. Inspiration for quality content topics doesn’t usually just fall out of thin air, which is why businesses in record numbers are switching to newsjacking.

On the plus side, there are always plenty of relevant stories to work with. On the downside, it’s highly unlikely that you will be the only brand or business using them…quite to the contrary, in fact. Still, if you can find a way of putting your own signature spin on things, there’s nothing to say that your own newsjacking efforts cannot be extremely successful.

It’s simply a case of being creative and honest with what is available to you at the time.
Here are 12 content topics and ideas that may help (although we can’t promise that others won’t be writing about them!)

1. Brexit
First of all, the fact that the United Kingdom’s possible exit from the European Union has such wide-reaching implications means it’s the kind of topic with universal relevance. From the global economy to unemployment to future trade deals to immigration and so on and so forth, it’s a hugely important and wide-open topic.

2. Millennials
Speaking of employment, one of the most popular discussion topics at the moment among employers in a variety of countries is that of Millennials. Specifically, everyone seems to be interested in retaining, engaging and working with Millenials. Your own thoughts, opinions and advice could be enormously relevant.


3. Start-ups
It’s never been more possible for anyone with a good idea and plenty of determination to breathe life into their business dreams. From billionaire entrepreneurs to one-person enterprises set up from a small back bedroom, startups really are everywhere. And again, it’s a subject of universal relevance and importance. The London Fin-Tech scene is currently getting a lot of press here in the UK, whilst the prevalence of the ‘sharing economy’ is definitely a threat or an opportunity to many businesses.

4. Artificial Intelligence
We are living in an era where artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, but real science instead. The prospect of computer technology that can actually think for itself inspires some and terrifies the living daylights out of others. Where you stand on this controversial subject and where do you think it is taking us?

5. Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is all about showing you care as a company by doing more for the greater good, as opposed to focusing 100% on personal/ business gains. This can be a great direction for blog posting strategies, focusing on CSR as opposed to keeping it all strictly business, financial and somewhat superficial. The other benefit of this is that it can help with your talent attraction efforts if you can show that your organisation really is giving back.

6. Your Employees
There’s very little that the public in general responds to better than a brand or business that is clearly passionate about its employees. Consider how you can use content to tell stories about the people that make your business.

7. Something That Makes You Laugh
The sky’s the limit with this one, just as long as it remains in context. Prime examples include videos like ‘The Conference Call’ though it is even better if you can share something that hasn’t yet gone viral. Better still, create something with real viral potential yourself.

8. London Mayor Election 
Even if you are not based in the capital and have no real interest in the mayoral election, it is nonetheless a hugely significant subject and one that millions are talking about – here in the UK and overseas alike. A great way of generating discussion.

9. Beyonce’s new Album 
Chances are you’ve come across those curious stories regarding hidden messages and perhaps even confessions in Beyonce’s new album. Once again, it might not be the kind of subject that you yourself are particularly interested in – it might be a different story entirely for your readers.


10. Annoying Things That Sales (or insert profession) People Do
Something else consumers generally respond positively to is when a brand or business has a poke at the business world in general. Everybody encounters salespeople in their lives and everybody is fully aware of just how annoying some may be. As such, it’s a perfect example of the kind of story everyone can relate to and most will probably agree on.

11. Oil Price Rebound
Oil prices affect almost every single person and certainly every business on the face of the earth. Which in turn means that when they suddenly plummet or bounce back, the knock-on effect can be felt by all of us. Think about how shifting oil prices are affecting your business area, your region, your consumers and so on.

12. Philip Green/BHS

Last but not least, the death of a British institution like BHS is always sad to say the least. Nevertheless, it represents a highly relevant and popular talking point for the public – why the company failed, whether it could have been saved, which other High Street chains are in jeopardy and so on.

Whilst not all of these ideas will be relevant to your business we think these are some highly topical ideas etc.

If you’re interested in some expert advice in content creation, strategy or marketing why not get in touch.

We can advise on strategy and ideas but can also supply a team of expert writers to help you execute along the way.

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