How To Hire A B2B Marketing Consultant

The decision to hire a B2B marketing consultant is by far one of the most pivotal any modern business will ever make. Even when a company already has an individual or a whole team of individuals watching over marketing, outside B2B marketing consultants can bring unique value and expertise to the business.

Of course, these days it’s not as if marketing consultancy is a field starved of specialists. Quite to the contrary, there are literally thousands of experts and agencies champing at the bit for your business. But as what’s on offer varies so enormously from one to the next, it’s important to know what to be on the lookout for when looking to hire your own B2B marketing professional.

And in terms of key qualities and what they’re able to bring your business, it essentially comes down to three simple considerations:

1. Outstanding marketing consultants focus on your results

Above and beyond everything else, it should be your business and your success that represent the exclusive priorities of the consultant. They should be able to work with your specific goals and targets, taking your key priorities and making them their own. Increasing quality leads, brand awareness, sales growth – whatever it takes to propel your business forward. In order to verify their ability to deliver, they must be able to serve up as many case studies and success stories as necessary, which should then be verified by you personally with the clients in question. Trust recommendations and referrals, check out LinkedIn recommendations and if you’re unsure ask if you can call one of their existing or past clients. Be watchful of those who have none of the above.

2. Elite marketing consultants don’t offer prefabricated products

An experienced and capable B2B marketing consultant will never take a “this is me; this is what I can offer” approach. Quite the opposite, it should be a case of getting to know your business and your goals inside out, in order to tailor everything they offer accordingly. Rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions, leading B2B marketers create bespoke packages for every client that is fundamentally different from every other. They may have certain tried and tested techniques for improving exposure, boosting social media engagement or building positive PR, but the service package offered must be 100% unique and exclusive to your business and your business alone.

At Carmichael Communications we don’t offer a one size fits all solution, it would be easy to replicate but your business is unique and so is our approach. We seek to build a long term partnership with you.

3. The best marketing clients innovate, challenge and question

Last of the three considerations, B2B marketing experts should never take a role of purely passive obedience. It’s one thing for a marketing expert to do as they’re told, but what about injecting their own innovation and inspiration into the project, after all you’re likely to be paying a premium for the service? Their work should include on-going research and analysis into your industry and business area, in order to highlight possible opportunities for growth and challenge the way you currently do things. It’s about avoiding the ‘yes men’ out there and vying for those who question everything in-depth. They should not be afraid of identifying problems and bringing strategic solutions to the attention of those they work for. We challenge the status quo and ask you to think differently. The only thing we will insist on is being solutions focussed in how we help you to meet your marketing goals.

So regardless of the primary motivation for taking on a marketing consultant, it is imperative that the above three criteria be satisfied prior to making your final selection.

At Carmichael Communications we don’t offer a one size fits all solution, it would be easy to replicate a process from client to client, but your business is unique and so is our approach. There are blue-print methods out there that may guarantee lead generation but in our experience often these are just by products of a good marketing funnel. We seek to build a long term partnership with you. 

If you’re looking for a B2B Marketing consultant or perhaps you’re a bit lost as to what help you need exactly why not drop us a line and we’ll see if we can assist.

P.S We don’t charge for ideas and telephone calls!

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