Content Strategy

What do we mean by “content”? Let’s cut out the marketing jargon. Content is just “useful stuff”. It could be words, images, video clips, in any format, delivered by any medium. Just so long as it is useful to your audience. The point is that if you can charm the right people with useful content that makes you look good, they are more likely to become your customers.

Perhaps the best way to explain content marketing is, “don’t tell people you’re great, show them you’re great”.

We can help on two levels. First, by putting together an easy-to-follow content strategy, broken down into specific tactical actions and deadlines. This is important, because what builds your reputation is sustained and consistent presence. Second, by supporting you with the execution. You have other things to do, other priorities, so you need someone to ensure that the source of “useful stuff” doesn’t run dry.

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