LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

You probably think of LinkedIn as a networking site for keeping in touch with colleagues past and present.

But it is so much more. In fact, it is the best online tool we know for getting new business at a low (or negligible) cost of sale. It also makes finding new employees, suppliers, partners and other third party resources a breeze. However, your business does need to consider its LinkedIn marketing strategy. To do things right does need a bit of time and effort and social media marketing savvy up-front to make the most of it. Above all, like all other online marketing, it needs the appropriate content strategy.

(You need to put “useful stuff” on LinkedIn too!)

LinkedIn combines word-of-mouth lead generation with the power of the world’s largest net work of professionals.

We’ll help get things up and running. Then, we can either help you maintain and enhance your LinkedIn presence on an ongoing basis, or we can transfer the skills to your own in-house team, and bow out gracefully.

We help with

  • LinkedIn Training
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn Community Management
  • LinkedIn Corporate Strategy

Get in touch and we’ll discuss the options. One of our clients was also recently awarded one of the top 10 most socially engaged recruitment companies too!

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