Six Ways Successful Companies Nurture Social Engagement

There will always be certain companies that work wonders with social media, while others seem to flounder and fail. Some draw in tens of thousands of LinkedIn followers, other struggle to breach the three-figure mark. What makes the difference? Well, it all comes down to how the companies in question approach social media and implement their strategies. That is, assuming they have any kind of social strategy in mind in the first place…which they should.

Success with social media is all about engagement. The clue being right there in the title – ‘social’. Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed a right and a wrong way of going about things when it comes to driving social engagement. LinkedIn has just released its latest list of the Most Socially Engaged Global Staffing Agencies of 2016, which certainly makes for interesting and inspiring reading.

But for those that haven’t quite made the grade and would like to see their names added to the list next year, exactly what are the secrets to accelerating and maintaining social engagement? What is it that the companies at the top of the list are doing that you yourself aren’t?

They don’t use social media for hard-selling.

The key to social media always has been and always will be selling without What this basically means is ditching the sales pitch, avoiding the hard-sell and allowing your knowledge, authority and personality as a brand to shine through. You make them want to buy, rather than telling them they should/have to buy.

They make social media part of their wider online strategy.

Another key to success with social is getting out of the habit of seeing social media pages as additional, supplementary or external resources. Instead, they need to become a part of your brand’s core, embedding them in everything you do and giving your brand and your employees a voice. Having social pages just for the sake of having them never yields positive results.

They hire the right people.

Rather than taking on employees and summarily training them on effective social media use, it makes far more sense to hire knowledgeable and passionate people in the first place. Not only does doing so save thousands on training costs, but it also means working with those who have a proven passion for social media. You can train just about anyone to work with social media, but proven passion and prior experience are genuinely priceless commodities.

They focus on agility and the customer experience.

One of the biggest marketing trends in 2016 was and is ‘agile marketing’, which basically refers to a system whereby the brand as a whole is constantly shifting and changing to meet the needs of the customer. Ideas and concepts are cooked up and rolled out in an instant, going on to be refined, modified, scrapped or enhanced as and when required. Rather than ideas being brought up, discussed, analysed, studied and so on, it’s a much faster, more dynamic and indeed ‘agile’ process. It’s basically the opposite of corporate bureaucracy, which usually means spending forever on getting even the smallest things done.

They never ignore the feedback of their customers.

Sitting idly by and waiting for feedback to roll in just isn’t the way to go about things. Neither is watching feedback pile up and doing little to nothing with it. The most successful companies are consistently proactive when it comes to their requesting of feedback in various forms, along with both responding to and acting on every item of feedback. Responding to feedback both generates conversation and nurtures trust.

They outsource and seek consultancy.

Last but not least, you and your workforce may know your business better than anyone else, but this doesn’t mean you’re the best team suited to creating a strong social media plan. The input of third-party experts can be invaluable, both in highlighting the options available to you and taking a neutral, objective look at your business in general. More often than not, successful businesses combine their own knowledge with the expertise of third-party professionals to build the total package.



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