Young Women At Work – 8 Ideas for Getting Ahead

What’s the secret to success as a woman in the workplace? How did the world’s most successful women get where they are today?

The answer? Well, I am not really sure because success is an incredibly personal thing but I was recently motivated to share some of my thoughts on how women can advance in the workplace and how employers can help facilitate this.

Here is a bite-size summary:

1 – Initiate Change

First of all, there’s much to be said for the ‘go out and get it’ methodology. If change, improvement and progression are your goals, go ahead and initiate them personally. It’s not enough to simply wait and hope for change – proactivity paves the way for bigger, better things.

2 – Seek Wisdom and Counsel

It’s not a case of who you know making a difference to your life, but how you make use of them. The beneficial influence the right mentor can have over your professional life is limitless. If you’re employed, try to seek advice from outside your usual peer group.

3 – Switch Time for Results

Lose your 9-5 mentality, it won’t get you to where you want to be. By putting time constraints of any kind on yourself, you immediately limit what you can achieve. Start asking yourself what you are doing and whether it’s a valid use of your time. If the desired result is achieved, it doesn’t matter how or when the required hours were invested to make it happen.

4 – Revisit Your Values

Businesses like to hire those who share the brand’s values – the same also going for career advancement. And as you can’t change the values of the company, it’s instead useful for you to try to align your own values accordingly. Delve deeply into the company’s leadership strategy or vision early on – ideally at the interview stage or before taking on a new role in the first place.

5 – Share Your Mission

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your personal mission to yourself, instead share it with those you work with. Mission and vision statements are not just for companies – they’re also of immense value for your own personal brand.

6 Empathy Vs. Emotion

True leadership means being able to diffuse heated situations and learn how to match responses with the correct emotions. Compartmentalising emotions and knowing how, when and why to separate emotions from business represents the key for successfully and proactively handling even the most heated issues.

7 – Hire People Better Than You

Is any one person ‘better’ than any other? Of course not – we all excel in different ways. In any case, hiring and working with the very best people can be mutually beneficial for both the company you work for and you personally. Rather than being threatened by their abilities, allow them to instead motivate, inspire and perhaps even rub off on you a little.

8 – Stop saying ‘Sorry’

For some it is the ‘hardest word’ but many women seem to use the word ‘sorry’ as a conversation starter or a way to get across their points in fear of offending others. There is even a Gmail app (which has received massive media attention) that was launched earlier this year by Cyrus to help prevent people from writing this in emails! Don’t be sorry unless it is absolutely necessary! You’re a skilled professional and your opinion matters!

If you want to read my longer article which explores most these points in a little more detail head over to Morgan McKinley’s client website.

Otherwise feel free to contact us if we can help with marketing or communications challenges in your business.

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